Contracts are getting smarter. Is your firm ready?

Find out how Rally's revolutionary automation technology is changing the legal industry.


Upgrade your legal documents.

Inspired by blockchain 'smart contracts', we convert documents into a computer-readable format in a human-friendly way. Our method empowers you and your clients to generate, manage, and interact with legal documents like never before.

Make Smarter Decisions with Advanced Analytics

With contracts made in our machine-readable format, you'll understand client trends like never before.

Generate Contracts Directly from Client Inputs

Don’t waste time filling out traditional Word templates. Focus on the important stuff and only review what’s necessary.

Stay Paperless and Organized

Electronic signature technology ensures you never have to print, scan, and sort again.

Provide the Digital Experience Clients are Looking For

Clients can access a customized dashboard, letting them view the legal state of their company at a glance.

The law firms of the future are growing. It’s time to join them.

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